Potential Challenges...

"I am worried that my children don't sit still for very long, so we won't get any nice photos"

Reassuring Solution...

~ Some of the best images are ones with 'movement'! We only need a split second to get amazing shots, still with Capturing your children just the way they are right now.

"I'm not photogenic and on the rare occasion that there is a photo taken of me, I look SO tired"!

~ I have the best idea...! How about putting yourself first for a change - I know, not as easy as it sounds! Let ME organise a hair and make-up artist to come to you beforehand. Just for a 'fresher look'... I know that you deserve it.

Why not have family photos on display that you can be proud of every time you walk past.

"What should we all wear for the photo shoot"?

~ Every family has a different 'style' that is just their own and I think a great rule-of-thumb is to dress for the season. E.g. Autumn with deep earthy tones; Summer with vibrant colours.

I definitely have some great suggestions on how to successfully co-ordinate this with the least amount of fuss, so please, just ask.

"Are there any hidden charges"?

~ There are NO hidden charges!

I love what I do, so I will generally have more images for you to choose from in your final Gallery. You are under no obligated to purchase these.